JOHN 20:21

Being on Mission with the Father has been the greatest joy of my life.
Mark L. Warkentin

GOD Comes to Encounter and Engage us! JESUS has come and invites us to COME, FOLLOW HIM!

To save, heal, deliver each of us, and fill us with HIS Holy Spirit Fire! These Encounters Engage us in a living Relationship that takes on a journey in knowing GOD! Come to JESUS; Encounter HIM; Engage HIM in A living Relationship! Come!

Come, Join The LORD, in what HE is already doing! GOD the HOLY SPIRIT is come and working already!

Encounter Him, See what GOD will do in and with you, in living Relationship! Join The LORD of Harvests! HE invites you to Come! Be Filled with the Fire of GOD’s Love!

Learn to Wait on The LORD as JESUS did; Seeing Visions; Hearing His Voice; Reading Rhema

All unique Encounters with GOD, inviting us to Engage HIS Activities with Authority; All in Relationship with GOD, as My FATHER, and me HIS Son/Daughter IN CHRIST! So Wonderful and Amazing.

Come and see with me

What God is doing around the World