Mission Countries

John 20:21

The Journey

Being on Mission with the Father has been the greatest joy of his life. God released him to Asia with Acts 19 vision, where he continued to watch God pour out His Holy Spirit in countries like Mongolia, the Philippines, Fiji, and Indonesia.   

He now travels with invitation and anticipation to watch and see what God will do.

Mark is witnessing God call individuals with life-changing impartations of the Holy Spirit as found in Acts with Cornelius, Saul/Paul, Ethiopian treasurer, and others. These individuals powerfully impacted their cities and regions through God’s transforming power to save, deliver and heal.

Brother Mark

Visions, dreams, prophetic words, hearing the voice of God, reading His Living Word are ways Father speaks to His sons and daughters. Through the Holy Spirit and fire, God reveals His thoughts, ways, desires, and invites others to join Him in what He is doing. God invites us to come and see.