Indonesia: 2014-2020
“Holy Spirit-Fire, Come, Empower Your Sons/Daughters all across Indonesia!”

I met a young man-Falon, from Indonesia, while visiting a Mission Training School in Philippines.

2014 I met a young man-Falon, from Indonesia, while visiting a Mission Training School in Philippines. After praying for him, GOD gave me a deep passion and love for Indonesia. What I knew most about Indonesia was coffee, all from Java, Borneo, Bali, etc. but now I was in a “stupor of love for Indonesia” for lack of other words. After 3 days, SirJun the Director the Missions School, came inviting me to join him on a trip to Talaud and Manado, Indonesia. Immediately I responded: “YES!” Without hesitation-not knowing where it was-it made no difference! I had to follow this Baptism of Love for Indonesia.
Plans were made and we flew to Talaud. We moved together speaking in many Churches, sharing together on Holy Spirit Fire, and Ezekiel 47, this RIVER of GOD, being released from Talaud, to Manado, then to ALL Indonesia. SirJun followed by sharing the “Vision of Missions!” Our messages were intertwined marvelously! The Holy Spirit Engaged the Church in each place. The churches filled with people and Overflowed with Holy Spirit, in increasing measure.

Vision, Anointing, Call of GOD on individuals was being released as many heard the messages and encountered Holy Spirit-Fire. Everywhere Desire increased for Missions, and with“ More of GOD!”

  1. The River was being released for Talaud, and to go Manado and all Indonesia…
  2. GOD gave a Vision: There was a formidable Cement Dam holding back the Flow of the Spirit and keeping the RIVER from Flowing-in “Obedience to GOD, in Going”! GOD was about to break it down, and ALL of Indonesia would Encounter This River of GOD!
  3. GOD was going to release Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers-as the Sons/Daughters of GOD Heard and Obeyed the Spirit, and not stay behind the wall of Tradition, Security, Cement Structures of men-Holding those called, from going…! Many of those who had gone in the past, had not been Sent out-Blessed-Supported by their Home Church! But rather, they left in Obedience to GOD; feeling alone, rejected, without support, as if in shame. But many had gone-having broken free!

That first year closed in my return to USA, only to be asked to return to Java. Here the Holy Spirit had fallen in a most amazing way in a large primary and secondary school. As result, I was invited back, to participate in Chapel Services in that schools, and to FAN THE FIRE of GOD. As result of our previous visit, students had continued encountering Holy Spirit Fire. Even their “Spiritual Emphasis Week”, had been in the past, more a traditional event. But now, it had become a Power Encounter with GOD! Their leaders’ own testimonies:“ We have never seen the students crying out or encountering GOD, nor repenting like this!”

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Then, annoyed leaders decided they wanted their school back to “normal”, and didn’t want these things disturbing their school and schedule-so I was asked to leave. Shocked-but understanding that Power Encounters disturb Tradition-as they “can’t blend!” And it is GOD who eventually has to be “handled-to be made-decent and in order,” and the Fire moves on… However, those who Encountered Holy Spirit Fire, having Engaged HOLY SPIRIT/FIRE, are forever changed; having been wrecked for tradition, being Touched by Real Fire-Some ONE More than mere religion!

As for the Students, they will remember “Those Days”! You can’t forget them… they were Touched by GOD-Only HE knows the rest of HIS story; HIS Impact on their lives. During this time, I discovered a radical Church-ON FIRE in Jatinangor; HIS PRESENCE was so powerful, each service, Palpable-AMAZING, as GOD Wonderfully filled that place: Loaded-Genuine-Authentic-Glory! Unmanufactured and Spontaneous! It was hard to stand and speak as “HIS PRESENCE” was so “Wonderful-Beautiful!”

They too faced-rejection, and choices were forced: Do you engage GOD Authentically and Desire more, or do you go back to a Traditional-Religion? Never Easy, but once confronted, there is Only One Way forward! As result of struggling to Discover-The Bigger Picture of what GOD was doing, they began to Launch out. They began sharing what they were Encountering and Engaging with GOD, and they began Engaging the “Greater Things” they were discovering. Almost immediately Churches began to be launched… There were hard lessons being learned, and Greater Things Birthed, however painful! But worthy of the shift: from Carrying Babies to Raising Babies to Spiritual Adulthood, Equipped, and Released! Greater Thing were coming! Discovering this “ River of GOD carries you somewhere! ”

It was here, a young guitarist and worshipper, joined me on a new journey retracing steps to Talaud and Manado, with another friend from USA and Sudan. In Talaud, Josh, Magnum and I met by Diving Appointment, Lydia, Aldi and Ezra. After Holy Spirit connected us, we began moving together, as many doors opened to us. Later, we traveled through Manado and Surabaya, discovering greater circles of relationships, and leaving an ever-increasing impact on Body of Christ. Services generally started with local worship as accustomed. Once introduced, Josh would come with his guitar and simply continue worshipping freely. “Beautiful Presence of GOD would tangibly Come, at times, filling the room!” Often during these times, we would move freely around the room laying hands-praying “More-LORD!” Most amazing spontaneous encounters occurred. When Josh felt to step back-I moved forward and began to speak as Josh translated.

Luke3:16-17 says: JESUS Comes with Holy Spirit-Fire to Cleanse HIS Threshing Floor! HE removes the Chaff-blocking the Harvests FROM Coming! There IS MORE! But chaff is clogging the Threshing Floor! Prepare: there is a 3Part Harvest GOD is bringing: Joel2:24!

Bandung-Talaud-Manado-Surabaya-Bali-Kupang…Holy Spirit-Fire was leading us! It was in Bali, Josh discovered many colleges and began meeting groups on and off campuses. Many students began encountering Holy Spirit Fire and Power of GOD! Miracles and Signs happened, bringing many to Christ, and a new ministry was formed. Josh home church responded by coming and helped launch the new work. We stayed for some time. Eventually, Josh stayed, having a Vision and Heart for Bali, and I moved on! Meeting Marjuly in Bali, and Adrian in Kupang, we join and began moving together! Very quickly things expanded, as Marjuly found open doors starting in local jails, to churches, to Bible Schools, Pastors and Leaders Conferences and Seminars. Everywhere we moved the Holy Spirit fell on those gathered. Many had a Tradition of Pentecost, but few a Sovereign Encounter. Men and Ministries were transformed. Many Churches moved into Revival…Evangelists received fresh Fire, not just to speak in Churches, but to go to the lost, with signs, wonders, miracles, with Gospel of JESUS with Power! Many Bible Schools experienced the Power and Presence of Holy Spirit, like Fire! Most Wonderful. After speaking, a simple Invitation was made: “Holy Spirit, Come!” HE desires to come, and Did! Many were filled with HIS Fire, Love, Joy, Peace, Tongues of Praise, and call to Follow The LORD! Many were wonderfully delivered, being set free from demonic activities in their life, and still others engaging dancing in the Spirit. Holy Spirit would hold us Engaged with HIM, often, 1-2-3 hours! no one would be looking around, no spectators, no taking pictures, no going to toilet, no babies crying and restless children disturbing:

From 2014-2020; Java, Sulawesi, Sumatra, Bali, Kupang, Sumba, Kalimantan/Borneo… Indeed, The River ran deep and wide all across Indonesia… sharing Holy Spirit-Fire; and River of GOD from Ezekiel 47…Once in Medan-Sumatra, I saw in a Vision: Fire breaking out across Sumatra; I ask: “LORD, why is it You come like Fire in one place, and River in Another?” “It is not important HOW I come; But THAT I come! I will come HOW I will come!” He responded so wonderfully! In many places you could feel the River coming up and flowing out the doors…. There was a great release of Holy Spirit Anointing over the Sons and Daughters of GOD! Many Feeling, Hearing, Seeing the Call to Foreign Missions on most unusual level. Most unusual impact, Authenticating This Outpouring of Holy Spirit-Fire.
(Isaiah28; Joel2; Zechariah10; Acts2,8,9,10,19…)

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