Summer in Mongolia
Wheat fields with grassy gentle rolling steppe in back ground.

Mongolia has a short growing season to prepare for long cold winter.
Wheat grows there? “COME & SEE!”

  • Joel 2:24 “The threshing floor shall be full of wheat, and the vats shall overflow with new wine and oil.” *
  • John4 35 “Do you not say, ‘There are still four months and then comes the harvest’? Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest!”(New King James Version)

I love the New Year as it is a time of evaluation, celebration, and re-commitment to continued growth of those things not yet fulfilled. In moving to Mongolia, I engaged with great excitement a new culture. I established myself Teaching English Foreign Language (TEFL), hence, qualifying me for a Visa, resident card, and privilege to live there.

1990 is when the Mongolian Church had it birth and launch. First in Mgl history. 2011, In the first few months of my arrival, the Holy Spirit began pouring out a “Refreshing” in the local church. Individuals became activated in Spiritual gifts, others were came to Christ, and others healed of various illnesses.

I felt like a tree being planted in a new land, establishing new roots, in new relationships. It was a new frontier with all of its challenges. The weather, food, language barrier, and apartment with good steam heat from the city steam-hot water-electricity coal power plant, just out of the city. Things were somehow efficient enough.

I made my home complete with new stove and oven for snicker-doodles, cinnamon buns, pizza, cake, and lots of cookies…comfort food… for the long winter ahead… and slowly began making new friends.

GOD gave faith, security and direction in Acts19. GOD had showen me this was the Blue Print of what HE was going to do, and I was to keep alert to it:

  • 12 Men; each with unique call and Prophetic Word for each… 
  • Isaiah 32:15-20; When the Holy Spirit is poured out, the wilderness will become a Fruitful Field, and then a Forest of Fruitfulness would come…
  • 3 Years with Signs, Wonders, Miracles;
  • 2 Year Ministry School for Missions… 
  • Then-All Asia Encounter….

Wherever I found myself in the world, in January, I would fly to Toronto, Canada. I attended a Pastors Conference where God so faithfully revealed His purposes for me in Sudan, Mongolia, India, or wherever I was to be that coming year. It had always been one of the greatest joys and source of great faith, and personal refreshing.

John 5:19 says, Jesus only did what He saw His Father doing.

I also would complete year-end reports and evaluations, and write down the new vision for the next Year. It would be amazing what would happen in just a year. Top priority was to keep “ABBA/Son Heart-Relationship on Fire; secondly, a clear Vision of Acts19/12 Men-whom GOD revealed.

During my transition from Sudan to Mongolia, I completed my Masters in Ministry Program, and completed TEFL Preparations for teaching English.

Jonathan, friend from USA, joined me for 3 months. He met and connected with many young people practicing their English. He opened many doors in relationships both with Mongolian and Turkish students. It was a wonderful time and great opportunity for him and the young adults he met. I pleaded for him to not return to USA, but alas marriage was on his mind, and returned to home to become engaged. He is still wonderfully engaged with me in the nations. Hoping someday he can join me with his wife… you are welcome anywhere I am….  

          Hetee was introduced to me by Chris Bayer of Gig Harbor. Pastor Chris had been coming to Mongolia for many years doing Pastors and Leaders conferences. It was through divine Encounter GOD introduced us. GOD had shown me I was leaving Sudan, and going to Mongolia. Problem: I didn’t know anyone who had been there, nor anyone ever talk to me about Mongolia. Until one morning I awoke to GOD speaking in audible terms: “Pastor Chris, in Gig Harbor, has been to Mongolia!” 6 weeks later, I accompanied him. IT was here I met Hetee and his wife, an Amazing Couple. It was out of this relationship I returned to Mongolia for 3 years. He helped me get the teaching position at a local college, and arranged housing and introduce me to living and moving in Mongolia. An amazing 3 years. Some of the challenges were understanding the political and religious climates, and the weather; -40 can be normal for January, so “Thank you Carol, for the fur hat!” Worn often, most warm and comforting.

Darhan, 4 hours north of Ulaanbaatar (UB), Capital; on route of Siberian Rail Road, from UB to Mosco, passes right through; Approximately 97hours trip. Or from UB to Beijing by train, approximately 28hours.

When I came to Mongolia, GOD continued to speak to me through Visions, Prophetic Words, and Rhema;

“And the man said to me, “Son of man, look with your eyes and hear with your ears, and fix your mind on everything I show you; for you were brought here so that I might show them to you. Declare (to the house of Israel) everything you see.” Ezekiel 40:4

STOP! ASK Questions?

  1. What is GOD giving your eyes to see? What is GOD showing you, and what are you Seeing?
  2. What is GOD giving your ears to hear? What is GOD telling you, and what are you Hearing?
  3. What is your mindset? Get the BIG PICTURE! Let GOD take you Higher to SEE Big Picture!
    Think more than 1-2-3; think Bigger than your own possibilities or box!

Don’t think fairy tale: “You get 3-wishes!” Then fear blowing those limited requests! That is animistic thinking, as if there is only so much, and you have it, and I want it!

John 5:19 JESUS did what the Father showed and told Him!
Zechariah 4:6 “Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord of hosts”
Mark16:14-20 Faith vs. hard heart! Believe GOD; Do what He reveals, Act on what HE reveals! That is the
Adventure of Faith > or < Foolishness!

Where is the Line between faith and foolishness? I don’t know exactly, but I know I must find true faith! Often I have cried out alone in the night; Am I so foolish…. to believe? And then God shows up!
What is the Fruit that is Manifest, through Obedient Faith?

Philippians 3:8-14 “Press toward the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus” 

Since my arrival in Mongolia, I had been looking for way to get to Khovt, in western Mongolia; flights, bus, or train and cost. It seemed not matter who or what I asked, I was getting nowhere, and was ready to start throwing a lot of many at the problem to get it off dead center! Then at the end of the first year, the School where I was teaching came to me and asked me if I would be willing to go to Khovt with another teacher representing our school, and register new students at a special all colleges in a 4-day event. And they would pay for transports, food and lodging for the two of us. I need only follow his lead!         Two-days, two-nights, a loaded van full of luggage’s and travelers. Packed tight, and only place to stretch my legs, was the side door, sitting on a broken seat, but the options were less appealing. We moved across 1000 miles of Gobi Desert, an open and expansive wilderness; no real roads, just open desert and tracks mostly. One morning we traveled 5 hours between seeing vehicles. We passed wild camel herds, crossed small rivers, rolling steppes and mountains off in the distance. We stopped briefly for fuel and food at small villages scattered along the way. The warm dry air blowing through the van felt refreshing and comforting.

  After 4 days at the fair registering a record number of new students, “we” were ready to return home. I didn’t budge. This was the place I had had a Vision a few years earlier. After trying several tricks to get me into the vehicle with my pack. Finally, he left me on my own reconnaissance, releasing him of any responsibility of my return home. (I was not getting back in that van, especially after I saw the airport). I was alone, in a city of 40,000, in a hotel with restaurant, no translator, and a Vision! But, I was here! I watched, listened, and waited. I had come to meet a specific person I had seen in a Vision, but he was no-where to be found. But I discovered his office, and began daily prayer walks around his building and the large plaza out front.   That first weekend alone in the hotel, I was surprised by a knock at my door.

I found a young man standing there. He had received an anonymous phone call, telling him there was a man named “Mark” staying at this hotel. He was there to be my translator! We never discovered who that caller was. But, I was linked up with this young man, Davka. He became my resident translator and friend. That started what is turning out  to be a life-long relationship. We have gotten to know each other, as we share stories and testimonies, and now many life events. After brief introduction, he invited to come with him to visit a home church, where he was going to speak that morning. I grabbed a few things, and we were off… a great adventure…   He drove meticulously across open dessert avoiding stones and holes on the desert floor, to an even more-remote village, where we shared in a preaching together. This “remote” village, was some 60 miles out of town on the back side of the wilderness. I was most amazed at his driving. I asked him about the car. This was his first car, and he was reconditioning it, to be like new-as he could get it. Meticulous! I told Davka, “IF you are as careful with GOD’s Word as you are with this car, you will be a wonderful Bible Teacher in Bible School.”    

I was asked to preach in his home church in Khovt, after he heard about the Holy Spirit, Sudan, Darkhan and Western Mongolia trek. Since we had no formal introductions, it was up to the Holy Spirit to unite us. At close of a Saturday night second meeting, a week later, God healed a teenage girl, setting her free from hatred and anger, as GOD filled her with His Love. She wept as she gave testimony of being filled with freedom and joy. The following day, while speaking on the Holy Spirit and fire, The Spirit fell on the entire group of believers assembled. People immediately began shouting and crying, expressing praise and worship as they were filled with love, joy, peace, and inner healing on a dramatic level. After 40minutes, they just as abruptly became quiet, then spontaneously began giving testimonies of what God had just done. They expressed joy and freedom from having been filled with Holy Spirit, they declared the wonderful works of God, the things He had just done for them.   After the spontaneous Holy Spirit encounter, they quieted themselves, and immediately planned for a full day encounter/seminar on Monday, as it was a national holiday. We gathered at the Church from 9am until 7:30pm the next day, bringing food, so as to not leave for lunch, and taking only short breaks.

We shared on Holy Spirit and fire, as promised from Luke 3:16. Again the Holy Spirit fell on the entire group. Again, they experienced the manifest Presence of Holy Spirit/Fire. It was wonderful. It was here, another young woman experienced feeling of heat in her hands, and an elderly lady shared about her bad joint pain, bad heart, liver, and kidneys. The young girl laid hands on her and prayed in “JESUS Name!” After about two minutes, the lady started to shout, “I am healed”. After that, many were prayed for and powerfully touched and healed.   That elderly woman, having heard about Sunday, came and attended the Monday Seminar, and was miraculously healed, returned to her family, and shared with her leaders from her home church. As result, they came to my hotel asking me to come to her home, for a leaders meeting. This turned into three meetings, as they too wanted to know more about the Holy Spirit. God moved graciously and wonderfully. Again, many felt wonderful love and joy they had never before experienced. They shared of an emptiness, deadness and weariness in their lives. But God met their hunger and thirst with Water of His Spirit as promised in John 4:14.   Sharing with many leaders, one from the Director of the Protestant Office for government affairs. She was a Person of great interest to me and one of the reasons I had gone to Khovt.

We met several times sharing mutual Visions for Khovt, Western Mongolia. This was an extraordinary summer.   I had not met the person I had intended to meet, but, I began to count the Blessings from obedience in going, and found myself being overwhelmed. There were amazing victories. I had gone, knowing no one in Khovt, and today I have a whole network that I have been united. GOD’s ways are higher than our ways, and are past finding out, but He lets us in on enough details to keep us on time and instep with Him.   We can do nothing without GOD’s Presence, carrying us. Make time, pray, encounter and engage His Presence. The Spirit fell in four meetings like He did in Act2&10, so wonderful, amazing and powerful.         In Mongolia, spring tries hard to push its way forward with sunny days and melting snow and ice. In spring I too focused on summer plans. Often on weekends, I traveled from Darkhan down to UB on overnight train. I then meet with leaders from UB and Khovt, looking for opportunities for Emerging Leaders.   Psalm 11949 Remember the word to Your servant, upon which You have caused me to hope.50 This is my comfort in my affliction, for Your word has given me life.55 I remember Your name in the night, O Lord, and I keep Your law.56 This has become mine, because I kept Your precepts. (The New King James Version)   It is amazing how and when He gives you great courage and comfort based on His Word.    

Pr Zaya; UB, Mgl.  In UB, I stayed with Pr Zaya. He had experienced a great move of God with many giving theirs to Christ. The is great opportunity and fields before him. He is strategically located in a central hub, along with his wife and four beautiful children.        Mark 16:15-20 Mat 28:18-20 Acts of the Holy Spirit “To the uttermost parts.”         These amazing verses give us Commission; Promises and Authority! Here authority is not of our own making, but by endowment of the Holy Spirit-Himself. We then can be in step and on time in His Plan. Proverbs 3:5-6; “Trust in the LORD with all our hearts and not lean to our understanding, in all our ways, acknowledge HIM, and HE will direct our path” I made many friends and connections that are still engaged and thriving today. The vision is slowly coming to pass, Emerging Leaders, raising up. I have shared in different venues significant young leaders I have spent time with sharing The Father’s love, in transformational ways. As time to depart Mongolia came, I had to return to USA; I was not ready! With my Mongolian Visa expiring, a plan to travel through China on way to Philippines opened up. I took it. If nothing else, it stayed off my return to the USA. And who knew what GOD had for me on this trip, there were too many possibilities. I took the train from UB to Beijing, China. Spent 9 days there, visiting Tenimum Square, Forbidden City, Great Wall, and many places walking distance from hotel…if you like to walk a lot! And spent evenings sitting out in the square, and strolling in the warm evening air. Several youth would come and sit and want their pictures taken and talk in English… was most wonderful. Then I took high speed rail (300kph) to Shanghai for 5 more days.

Seeing sights and meeting people everywhere. I was overwhelmed with development that was obvious to observe. Major construction projects, buildings, roads and bridges, and high-speed train system. The beauty of China country side was everything pictures could capture and more. Traveling through China, I met many young Chinese ready to talk English. It was a great joy to share with them my story, and hear theirs. I came away with great joy and anticipation for my next trip. Shanghai: the “Bund” is an amazing district for beauty, creativity, and lights. At night the people come to the riverside in the warm evenings to watch the lights displayed by the architectural beautiful buildings. Along the walkway by the river, people collect, connect and enjoy meeting foreigners and other Chinese coming from other areas of China to experience the Bund. In both cities I stayed right down town in central places in the main stream of business and tourism. As a result, I also had wonderful encounter with foreigners by Sovereign appointment, meeting individuals from other nations visiting China. Spain, France, England, etc. Then, took the Maglev from the Bund to Shanghai Airport. What a great departure experience. I then flew to Davao, Philippines, for 6 weeks. I taught for a week at a training school for international, cross cultural workers, young people being trained for difficult areas of Philippines and other countries. Amazing dedicated youth. Sundays, speaking in Churches in Manila and Davao on the Holy Spirit and His unquenchable Fire. One Place, Mighty things happen. We planned a follow up youth service and children teacher training and outreach as result. A most amazing experience. Hope you enjoyed these highlights, thoughts and adventures with The LORD. These times and places have been the most rewarding. Words of love and appreciation for all GOD has done, great gratitude to Lord Jesus Christ. Most Amazing.