Mark L Warkentin was saved and called to missions at an early age. He pursued ministry and graduated from Seattle Bible College and Northwest University with BA degrees in Christian Education.  Later, he obtained a MA in Practical Ministries from Wagner Leadership Institute.  Mark has worked in children and youth ministries, church planting, developing emerging leaders, home and foreign missions. Mark built a successful construction company in 1994, but let it go in 2003 when God called him on mission in South Sudan and Uganda.  There he saw God do wonders, bringing many to Jesus Christ and establishing many churches. Later, Mark served in Mongolia, China, Philippines and Indonesia.  He has been throughout Asia speaking on the Holy Spirit and fire, visions, apostolic ministry and the Father’s Heart. Being on Mission with the Father has been the greatest joy of his life.


Saved age 6; called to mission age 7; devoted his life to the LORD age 10, started teaching age 16; Committed to Bible school and ministry, he graduated from Seattle Bible College and Northwest University with BA in Christian Education, and Wagner Leadership Institute with MA in Practical Ministry. He also built a successful construction company designing and building homes.

Age 47, God called saying, “Come and See what I am doing.” Leaving his construction business in USA, Mark moved to minister in war torn South Sudan from 2004-2009; Reaching there, God said, “I am going to open heaven and come down and so shake this place that the effects will be felt across Sudan, and heard around the world.” Isaiah 64. He watched many respond to the Gospel and called into apostolic, pastoral, and evangelistic ministries. It has been one of the greatest joys of his life. 2010, God released him to Asia with Acts 19 vision, where he continued to watch God pour out His Holy Spirit in countries like Mongolia, Philippines, Fiji, and Indonesia. He now travels with invitation and anticipation to watch and see what God will do.   

Mark is witnessing God call individuals with life changing impartations of the Holy Spirit as found in Acts with Cornelius, Saul/Paul, Ethiopian treasurer, and others. These individuals powerfully impacted their cities and regions through God’s transforming power to save, deliver and heal.

Visions, dreams, prophetic words, hearing the voice of God, reading His Living Word are ways Father speaks to His sons and daughters. Through the Holy Spirit and fire, God reveals His thoughts, ways, desires, and invites others to join Him in what He is doing. God invites to come and see.

In Christ,

Bro Mark L Warkentin